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In public relations results matters more than anything. Like positive press coverage. Millions of impressions. So What does it take to achieve results? In-depth capabilities. Proven experience. Industry savvy and unrelenting perseverance.

At New Era Works, we may be small – but we measure up. Big. In fact, clients consider our size to be advantageous. There’s more accessibility. More accountability. More stability. More bang for the buck.

Few things are as valuable to aArtist or Film or production house or business as its image and reputation. Maintaining control over those attributes — or at least shaping their formation and managing their direction — used to be relatively straightforward: Information typically flowed one way, with companies disseminating carefully crafted messaging for mass consumption. Not so in today’s digital age.

In marketing, word-of-mouth has always been king. That’s why, in a time when social media provide friends, families, and acquaintances with unprecedented clout in influencing other’s preferences and actions, prospects and customers are no longer simply passive recipients of messaging. Instead, they are advocates, influencers and opinion leaders.

Public relations professionals must recognize and step up to this challenge. As we do
NEW PR knows social media. We get it. We use it. We live it. And from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, we’ll put the power of shared content to work for you — a power that “levels the playing field” by enabling small-budget companies to compete on relatively equal footing against large-budget companies outside traditional (and prohibitively expensive) promotional channels.

Of course, the conventional triad of “owned, paid and earned” media still matters. A lot.
Consider earned media. Friends and acquaintances notwithstanding, traditional media sources (think: The Wall Street Journal, the PBS NewsHour and Businessweek) still retain an aura of authenticity and objectivity that greatly shape opinions, influence behaviors and define trends. That’s why — through our close relationships with editors, producers and journalists nationwide — we’re constantly reinforcing the “designated-expert” credentials and “industry news-worthiness” of our clients.

And when it comes to owned and paid media, we’ve got you covered there, too — with proven experience in everything from website content, blogs, advertorials and partnerships to sponsorships, mass media buzz and online viral chatter.

With in-depth experience in B2C and B2B across a myriad of industries, our services include:
  • Media relations
  • Community management/social media
  • Speaking programs
  • Crisis communications
  • Special events
  • Marketing activations

NEW PR can help positively influence your target audience. We’ll stake our reputation and image on it.
We have capacity, talents and manpower to provide Films PR, Celebrity PR and overall production PR. We have separate team for Corporate PR.
Contact us for more detail and we would love to discuss further with you.